Short summary

Nov 2015 - Now Goodbye University. Now full time @ Chino.
Dec 2014 CTO and Co-Founder @ Chino.
Mar 2014 Research fellow @ UNITN. Working for most of the time on gymCentral.
Mar 2014 I'm a doctor but not the kind who helps people.
Thesis "Model and systems for managing sensor and crowd-oriented processes".
Jun 2012 - Oct 2012 Visiting PhD @ SAP Karlsruhe D.
Dec 2010 PhD Student @ UNITN.
Apr 2010 - Dec 2010 Intern Researcher @ HP Labs, Bristol UK.
Apr 2010 MSc in Computer Science @ UNITN.

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Entrepreneurship Life

I co-founded (with Jovan) Chino - secure storage for health data according to EU privacy laws.

With Chino you can easily solve all security & EU privacy law compliance issues, increasing trust in your business.

Contact me: Email [email protected]

Coder (DevOp) Life

I do write code at work and also in my spare time. Check my GitHub or Stack Overflow for more info.

You can hire me, but I don't have too much time for doing extra work. But pls contact me if interested: email
Fluency Languages
Python - Django - Docker & Kubernetes - ElasticSearch - Distrubted system - Twitter bootstrap & symilar.
Google App Engine (python) - Java - AngularJS - CI .
PHP - BackboneJs - CSS - Android.

Academic life

For a while I was a research fellow @ UNITN. I worked on gymCentral, which develops software and content to deliver training programs targeted at independently living older adults, via tablet or TV; and did research on crowdsourcing.

As PhD student I investigated the world of Business Process Management (BPM) providing extensions to model processes that involve people, wireless sensor networks, and the crowdsourcing .


ICT Innovation - Prof Fabio Massacci 14/15, 15/16, 16/17, 17/18

Business Process Management - Prof Fabio Casati 15/16


Type Title Venue Year Links
Journal makeSense: Simplifying the Integration of Wireless Sensor Networks into Business Processes IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 2017
CrowdCafe - Mobile Crowdsourcing Platform Arxiv 2016
Journal The interplay of physical and social wellbeing in older adults: investigating the relationship between physical training and social interactions with virtual social environments PeerJ 2016
Int. Conf. ReLauncher: Crowdsourcing Micro-Tasks Runtime Controller CSCW 2016
Journal Crowdsourcing processes: a survey of approaches and opportunities IEEE Spotlight 2016
Int. Conf. Modeling and Exploration of Crowdsourcing Micro-Tasks Execution HCOMP 2015
Int. Conf. BPMN Task Instance Streaming for Efficient Micro-Task Crowdsourcing Processes BPM 2015
Journal Modeling, Enacting, and Integrating Custom Crowdsourcing Processes Transactions on the Web (TWEB) 2015
Int. Conf. Improving Family Connectedness through the Sharing of Life Experiences AVI 2014
Int. Conf. Keep it Simple:Reward and Task Design in Crowdsourcing CHI Italy 2013
Int. Conf. makeSense: Real-world Business Processes through Wireless Sensor Networks AVI 2013
Int. Conf. Process-Based Design and Integration of Wireless Sensor Network Applications. BPM 2012
Journal Distributed orchestration of user interfaces Inf.Sys 2012
Workshop Business Processes for the Crowd Computer BPMS2 2012
Int. Conf. Towards business processes orchestrating the physical enterprise with wireless sensor networks. ICSE 2012
Demo From Business Process Specifications to Sensor Network Deployments. EWSN 2012
Poster makeSense: Easy Programming of Integrated Wireless Sensor Networks. EWSN 2011
Int. Conf. From People to Services to UI: Distributed Orchestration of User Interfaces. BPM 2010
Demo MarcoFlow: Modeling, Deploying, and Running Distributed User Interface Orchestrations. BPM 2010

For h-index citation and the like look at my Google scholar.

Research Projects

Name Description Links
GymCentral Training programs for elderly delivered via Tablet.
CrowdComputer CrowdSourcing platform managed by a BPMN engine.
CrowdCafe CrowdSourcing platform for mobile crowdsourcing.
Lifeshare Share your life moment with people who care.
BPM4People The social BPM project.
Makesense Programming WSN via BPM.
MarcoFlow Orchestration of UIs in BPM.

Real Life

In my spare time I also have a life

I like snowboard, I take photos, I play futsal in a team and golf (uber-beginner hcp 54).

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